Productivity & Integration Solution
(PIS System)

Growing Trend of Mobile and O2O Marketing Boosts SMEs Productivity

What PIS System can do?


PIS System able to market your brand/products/services on the WeChat mobile marketing platform, providing automation, productivity, and customer experience enhancing tools to improve SME competitiveness and productivity, enhance and automate customer engagement strategy, track and analysing customer data for more targeted marketing, enhance business and help SMEs Go Digital.

Strengthen Business Ability, Reach Out To 915,000 WeChat Users In Singapore & Over 889,000,000 Globally.

The benefit from having an additional sales and marketing channel through an official WeChat merchant account and online store, to leverage on this ready pool of prospective customers.

PIS has feature-rich tools like customer relationship management (CRM) system as well as automated customer engagement and marketing features for better customer engagement, enhancing SMEs’ marketing capabilities and competitiveness.

The Main Features

Mobile Store

Enhanced Mobile Store, includes products & Inventory management / Multiple supplier / Multiple shop / Agency Module / Distribution System / Logistics management etc.

Online CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System with data statistics and analysis, efficiently and easy to understand more on customers and enhance brand loyalty.

Mobile Web Designer

Functional Mobile Web designer with easy DIY interface and hundreds of templates to choose or customise, help to promote brand / products / services simply & efficiently.


Membership Management

Fostering and improving customer loyalty. Includes Member card, Bio, Member/Reward point, Level, Notification, Transaction record, Exchange, Top up / Withdraw, etc.


The autoresponder system can create multiple keywords and autoresponders through the perfect mailing series to retain and increase contact with customers or followers.


Poster Designer

Poster Designer with user-friendly DIY interface, easy, faster and efficiently to create a beautiful ePoster/eBrochure with animation, great way to promote your brand / products / services.

Shake Surrounding Advertising System

Adopt Beacon technology, system provides a fresh / fun way to attract customer, easy to promote / broadcast like coupons, discounts and location-aware special offers in retail, event, even whole shopping mall Ad management.


Appointment booking

Appointment booking system helps organizations simplify their complicated scheduling experiences. Uniquely, friendly and simply functionality are provided under one simple-click. It is proven to create profitable customer engagements.

F&B Online ordering

Automated, seamless food ordering solution for F&B from mobile ordering by customers/waiters to kitchen processing, to generating of bills for cashier, it’ll increase business productivity and reduce your manpower and operational costs with this solution.


WeChat Pay (POS System)

For business to support the WeChat payment with zero hardware costs and the cash register efficiency of both cash register system. Even for offline multi-store, this cashier system also simple and powerful to increase provitivity with a simple interface. Just simply scan QR code and it will settle all for you.


O2O Commerce Ecosystem

O2O Commerce Ecosystem (included Physical store management system), enhance online and offline shopping experiences, draws potential customers from online channels to physical stores, solve the conflicts of interest online and offline, from competition to cooperation.


PIS Advertising System

Central control Advertising system, different role setting (administrator / platform manager / advertiser) and easy to manage the content (text / video / image). Quickly promote your brand / products / services, expanding presence, the accumulation of fans, perfect access to all aspects of online and offline.


Powerful Yet Simple

Many more automation, productivity, and customer experience enhancing tools to improve business and market expansion, help SMEs to join in digital business.

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